Auctioning Christmas to the Highest Bidder

Auctioning Christmas to the Highest Bidder November 18, 2020 by Kirk Lieske This article may seem a bit self-serving as I’ll be making the case to buy things at auction from Rusty by Design. But by the last paragraph I hope you’ll find that it’s Rusty by Design trying to serve you. You have the daunting task of finding the “perfect gift” for everyone on your list. Daunting was 2019. Nigh on impossible is 2020. It’s been a year alright. COVID quarantine. Masks. Shortages. Business closures. Lay offs. Remote schooling. NBA Playoffs in a “bubble”. Chaos and confusion are the

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How to Break Up with Your Stuff

How to Break Up with Your Stuff March 6, 2020 by Kirk Lieske “Breaking Up is Hard to Do”, crooned Neil Sedaka in the 1960s hit. He was right. Of course he meant romantic relationships. What I want to discuss is the relationship you have with your “stuff”.  Whatever the reason: divorce, death, relocating or just plain old downsizing. Letting go of some or all of your possessions can be nearly as emotionally difficult as letting go of a personal relationship. At Rusty’s, we see it every day. We talk to people who are ready to talk about how to

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