Did you know that most estate sale companies are only able to sell about 50% of the goods in a home? What happens to the rest of the stuff? What about hoarder homes? You would be surprised how much donations and trash results out of liquidating estates, and if people don’t know that to do with the goods, they will all end up in the landfill.  
At Rusty by Design, we have a unique combination of experience including commercial recycling. Our understanding of these important industries helps us to redirect a lot of the goods coming into our process. What would otherwise end up in a landfill, we can redistribute; jeans are used for insulation, sneakers become playground material. We recycle, clothing, metal, wood, glass, old appliances, old mattresses, old linens and towels. Nothing goes to waste. Our commitment to not only providing a helpful service to our clients, but maintaining a responsible role in our community is important to us.

Fun Facts

Last year RBD kept over 1.3M pounds of clothing, shoes, furniture, books, housewares and toys out of the landfills.

Some of our used clothing travels from DFW halfway around the world to South Africa!

Corporate Social Responsibility Rusty by Design