Rusty by Design was founded by Diana, Charles and Shane in the small little wood building in 2007. The business started with a love for buying, selling, and dealing in furniture and antiques. It was the thrill of the hunt that motivated them to the level they have obtained. From the very beginning, Diana and Shane would spend their days going to auctions, garage sales, estate sales, along with any other place they could find something to buy and sell.

Charles and Shane would go retrieve the items with a trailer and truck, bringing them home to photograph and place online for sale. Once the building would fill up, they would unload into the yard and have an enormous garage sale; it looked more like a flea market. At this point they would liquidate and start again at zero. Then of course having a pocket full of money, they would set out to fill the building up with more goodies. With the antiques they would find, they would fill up trailers and haul them to the local auction houses; this is where they were introduced to the auction world. In January 2013, they leased their first 2,000 sq. ft building with the goal of running their own online auction.

On February 24, 2013, their first auction closed and of course their life has never been the same.

The business plan at first was to focus on building an antique auction house, however, in following the Lord, He lead Rusty by Design in a different direction: the estate and business liquidation. This has allowed Rusty by Design to be of service for people who are needing to liquidate goods. Our customers are most of the time going through a life transition, which are either exciting times or sometimes very painful.

Either way, God uses Rusty by Design as a tool.

This is a family-owned business with a heart to serve God and people.

Finally, “Who is Rusty?” The number one asked question. Rusty is simply, the star of the show… the find! Beginning as an antique auction, our product is “rusty” by design. Sure, it took decades to attain the highly sought after rusty look, but that’s the beauty of it; and it’s by design.

God Bless