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Should You Paint or Refinish an Item?

Should You Paint or Refinish an Item?

Should You Paint or Refinish an Item?

When you pick up furniture that is second hand or antique, it may need some work and love put into it, in order to make it work for you. Sometimes it’s better to try to refinish the item, and other times it’s better to paint the item. So how to do you know when you should paint and when you should try to refinish a piece of furniture?

Refinishing Furniture

Refinishing is the way to go if the piece of furniture is antique or is valuable. If this is the case, you may want to talk to a professional to see if it’s a good idea to refinish it. Refinishing an item can increase the value, depending on the piece and its age. You should also look at refinishing an item if the piece has historical value, so maintaining the pieces’ look is very important.

Refinishing works better on pieces of furniture that are sturdy and still in relatively good shape. You should look to see if the damage is only to the finish and not the wood, as refinishing will take much longer if the underlying wood is damaged. If there is inlaid wood, which is pieces of wood carved and set into the piece, refinishing can cause damage by painting the piece. Depending on the piece, you may be better off letting a professional refinish your item to have a more professional look to the finish.

Should You Paint or Refinish an Item?

Painting Furniture

Painting is a great idea if it makes sense to you want the piece to match existing décor in your room. The change in finish allows the item to take on a new life and a new look. It is also recommended to paint a piece if there is damage that goes through the finish and into the wood, as sanding is needed to remove the damage. You may also want to paint a piece of furniture that is not of high value, as many times the paint job will increase the valve of the piece. Unlike most refinishing jobs, painting an item can be done at home and very easily if you have the time and know how.

Whether you choose to refinish or paint a piece of furniture that you picked up at an auction will really depend on your taste. Before starting any refinishing or painting, make sure you have a plan for what you want the piece to look like after the work is done. You may want to talk to professionals to see what products will work for what the item is made from, and the finishes that are available. You should also think about what the piece is going to be used for, and how much wear and tear the piece is going to have, when picking a product to use on the piece as some products work better than others.
Remember, you can switch out hardware and fabric on the piece of furniture.

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