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Let’s Talk About Hoarding

Let’s Talk About Hoarding

Let’s Talk About Hoarding

Let’s Talk About Hoarding

With reality TV shows bring hoarding into the limelight in recent years, most people now know at least a little about this condition — or think they do.
If there’s a hoarder in your family, though, you know that hoarding is a problem that can’t be solved by a half-hour intervention. It’s a difficult mental health condition, and it makes living a normal life hard for both hoarders and their loved ones.

What Hoarding Is (And What It Isn’t)

Hoarding is an anxiety disorder that’s closely related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). People who hoard feel tremendous anxiety about getting rid of things that they worry they might need someday. Hoarding typically causes a person to feel shame about the condition, and when stressed, hoarders tend to gather even more belongings in an attempt to feel in control.

Hoarding isn’t harmless eccentricity, and it’s not something that affects an avid collector. Collectors are proud of their items; hoarders are often too ashamed of their stuff to let people into their homes. Hoarding diminishes the afflicted person’s quality of life, can damage relationships and can create unsafe living conditions (fire hazards, animal filth and disease from rotting food are common issues).

Supporting a Hoarder’s Treatment

Hoarding is notoriously difficult to treat, though a motivated patient may get results with cognitive behavioral therapy to learn new skills for dealing with anxiety tied to getting rid of their possessions. Part of this therapy requires hoarders to begin to sort through their belongings and get rid of unneeded items.

This can be a stressful process for the hoarder, and it can be hard to know how to deal with removing so many items from the home at once. You can support your loved one’s treatment by remaining non-judgmental and helping with the physical removal of items, which is often overwhelming to the hoarder at first.

How Online Auctions Can Help

Online Auctions at Rusty by Design

Online Auctions at Rusty by Design

At Rusty By Design, we’re in the business of helping families in transition. Though originally our online auctions were designed to help grieving families maintain their privacy during estate sales, we’ve discovered that the process is helpful for people dealing with hoarding, too. There’s no need to open your home to gawking strangers to auction your items. We come to you to pick up items and take them to our showroom, where we photograph the pieces and get them online for interested buyers. If buyers want to see an item in person, they come to us. It’s the perfect system for emptying a house quickly while maintaining your loved one’s dignity.

There’s no need to feel ashamed. We’re here to help — without any judgment.


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