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But What If I Don’t Like Antiques?

But What If I Don’t Like Antiques?

But What If I Don’t Like Antiques?

Dealing with the Awkward Inheritance

We’ve all been carefully taught to say thank you for a present and to tell the giver just how much we love the item. This is, of course, the way to be polite, and it’s a good lesson in being a stand-up human being, too.


What happens (and you may need to drop to a whisper just to even ask it) when you don’t want a gift?

Social Conditioning and the Unwanted Inheritance

With a lifetime of socialization telling us to hang on to and be grateful for our gifts, it can be extremely uncomfortable to receive an inheritance that you don’t want. Those large, lovely antique lamps and that enormous grandfather clock are wonderful — but not for your modern house. Or maybe you just don’t have a use for a collection of dollhouses or woodworking tools.

It’s actually very common to inherit items that were important to the original owner but have no practical use for you. if you’re not sure what to do with something you’ve inherited, consider organizing guru Marie Kondo’s advice: Ask yourself if the item “sparks joy.” If that oversized canopy bed is just giving you anxiety instead of joy, it’s okay to get rid of it. (We promise!)

Finding a New Home for Your Old Items

If an antique didn’t make you happy, it will surely please someone else! Putting your items up for auction will allow a collector to find them. Knowing that your unwanted inheritance items went to someone who appreciates them can soothe any nagging sense of obligation about the heirlooms that were passed down to your care: a win-win for buyers and sellers!

Antique by RustybyDesign

Find your dream Antique Furniture at Rusty by Design!

Rusty by Design makes it easy to auction your items to a wide audience with their unique, online auction service. They’ll come pick up your items and take them to their auction floor, where they’ll photograph them and put a complete description on their website. Buyers can check out the item at Rusty by Design, which is much more convenient for you. You don’t have to field phone calls and emails filled with questions about the items, and no buyers will ever come to your house to see anything in person. Instead, they’ll visit Rusty by Design, make their bids online and arrange for pickup with the auction house — leaving you free to get on with your life. It couldn’t be more convenient.

It’s a big world out there, and it’s filled with collectors who are looking for just the thing you’re trying to get rid of. Let Rusty by Design connect you to the right bidders, and you can feel great about finding a new home for those inherited antiques.


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