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5 Tips for buying furniture to paint

5 Tips for buying furniture to paint

5 Tips for buying furniture to paint

Looking for and buying furniture to paint that will match your décor can be a huge undertaking as there are many different styles and shapes of furniture to pick from. Looking past what the item looks like now can be a challenge, not knowing how lovely it’s going to turn out. These 5 tips for buying furniture to paint can help you find the right pieces for your home.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

The paint or stain color can be easily changed with a little time and work. Same with the hardware; most times the hardware can be removed with a screwdriver and replaced the same way. Scratches and dings to the wood that are unwanted can be removed by sanding or filling with putty depending on the depth of the blemish. If the veneer is loose, or missing, it’s not a deal breaker, but it can be harder to deal with than other issues.


Pieces that have veneer that has places missing and/or is peeling are still great finds, with some exceptions. First thing to check is what the veneer is covering, solid wood or particle board? If the item is made from solid wood, how damaged is the veneer? Check all edges as these areas are more likely to start the peeling of the veneer. Any areas of bubbling or peeling will need to be removed before you start to paint the piece. If it’s only a small section missing or coming loose, wood filler can be used before you start to paint. In the case of large sections missing, you can rebuild the area with wood filler or completely remove the veneer to the wood underneath and then paint over the wood.

Pay attention to the bones of the piece

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Does the item have a nice shape? Do you like the curves or details? Check all sides of the piece for any major splits or cracks. Is there any broken legs, or damage to the inside of the item? If there is any damage to the item, assess whether or not you can fix the damage. Always look for solid wood pieces, as thin wood can be damaged easily.

Dovetail Drawers

When looking to buy a piece a furniture with drawers, pull out one of the drawers and see how the drawer is put together. Dovetail drawers are a sign of good quality construction. Even if the piece does not have the dovetail style joints, solid wood pieces can still be a high quality piece. Dovetail joints are just a quick way of checking the quality.

Versatile pieces

The great thing about buying versatile pieces is that they can fit into just about any room, and can be painted to match the room’s colors and décor. Dressers are one the most versatile pieces of furniture, as they can be used in the bedroom for clothing or the dining room as storage. Sometimes you may want to find an item that is not that versatile, but you need to know what you are looking for in the item, as you mostly will not be able to use the piece in other rooms.


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