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Helpful Tips for Moving Everything You Own

Helpful Tips for Moving Everything You Own

Helpful Tips for Moving Everything You Own

Moving can be madding. It is painful physically, and a mental exercise in mindfulness in trying to keep everything organized. There’s only one way of getting through the move, which is just do it, and these tips can help you while not losing your mind in the process.

Write down a master plan

It is a good idea to have lists of everything that needs to be done, when it needs to be done, when it needs to be cleaned and when to move the items. The basic questions that need to be answered are:
When do I have to be out officially? What can I live without and how do I get rid of it before the move?
Are there any errands to be run before the move, like getting boxes or canceling utilities? Are there any repairs or cleanings I need to finish before handing in the keys? Also, making a list of the order of things to pack can help you not pack items you need before the move.

Rusty by Design Antique and Estate Sale Company moving tips

Give away, sell or throw away things you’re comfortable getting rid of

You had to know this was coming, but there is a silver lining in moving: finding and getting rid of the items you have not seen in years and not moving them with you to the new place. Look at your stuff and see what you don’t want or need any more. Rusty by Design can be a great place to sell your items, without worrying about having people coming to your home, or waiting for e-mails or phone calls. You can also try to give some items to friends or family members. You don’t have to part with the items you love and that you want to use it the new place.

Know where your stuff is going

Try to get access to your new living space as soon as possible, or plan to use a storage locker if you cannot get early access to the space. This also means you know where each box of items is heading once it gets to the new living space. Labeling the boxes can help you as the movers will not be asking the question ‘where does this go?’ every five to ten minutes. This labeling also helps you know if you have packed everything you need for that moving trip.

Rusty by Design Antique and Estate Sale Company Moving Ideas

Use the right supplies

It is a bad idea to just dump your clothes in the back of your car and even worse is packing all your glasses in one box with a single sheet of newspaper to keep them safe. To lower the risk of breakages, you may want to splurge on packing supplies like bubble wrap, sturdy boxes, and other items. Plastic boxes can be a great choice if you are going to be storing your items long term so that they are protected from moisture and pests. Some moving companies rent out sturdy plastic boxes, so there are no over-packed boxes breaking when you are heading upstairs and no boxes to store after the move is done. You can also try social media to get moving supplies, if you want cardboard boxes for cheap or free.


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